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Alright losers. I literally have no idea what to do for halloweeners. Give me some easy ideas for some short haired glasses wearing idiot bitch.

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new goals in comics - more comics about eating and chillin’

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by Andreas Larsson

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a real romantic plot

what the fuck

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#109 Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokémon. 

Now available and READY TO SHIP!

I gave this chubby guy two gas craters to look like his hands. :}

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Spotted while house-hunting, unfortunately it wasn’t for sale.

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Work stages for a 2012 illo I drew for Udon’s Marvel vs. Capcom artbook:

In order, the stages are: rough sketch; pencils; inks; color guide;
"overlay" color guide for added color FX; initial colors by Rob "Robaato" Porter; and Rob’s final colors.

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Can’t trust the news.

Can’t trust the government.

Can’t trust twitter.

Can’t trust tumblr.


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The Walking Dead: Season 1 game was a dystopian parenting simulator.
Season 2 was a dystopian clique simulator.
Season 3 will probably be a dystopian dating simulator.
Season 4 a flight simulator
Season 5 a 3D combat simulator with RTS
Season 6 a Mad Max dystopian fascism simulator
Season 7 will just be Dune with zombies

Get on it, TellTale. I want my spacing guild.

I can’t wait for season 6 then holy god.

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uh…i did an….impulse print for Anime Fusion…

i’m damn proud of this ink work but wow this is ridiculously shippy whoops i’m sorry mom i’m sorry kojima i’m sorry god

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this is the strongest vine I ever seen